Top 21 Christmas Movies on Netflix

If you love Hallmark Christmas movies but don’t have cable, Netflix has them right now! You can watch all the cheesy romantic comedies without having to watch Hallmark.

Netflix: watch Hallmark-style Christmas movies
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Netflix strongly focuses on original content. During the holiday season, Netflix will have tons of new Christmas movies!

Here is a list of all the Hallmark Christmas movies (aka cheesy romantic comedies) available on Netflix! Many of them are Netflix Originals!

I loved watching Hallmark Christmas movies, although since I stopped watching cable TV, I have had to find alternative ways to watch them. Because I have all Apple products, I have the Hallmark TV app on Apple TV+. Cable TV isn’t even on my radar most of the time, but I miss being able to watch cheesy Christmas rom-coms.

All of these Netflix Christmas movies have a few things in common. They are predictable, cheesy, and probably won’t win any awards. But I enjoy them, like the Carol Higgins Clark Christmas mysteries (I read at least one every year). Despite knowing exactly what to expect, you are still delighted to spend a few hours with some hilarious characters!

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You don’t need to worry if you don’t have Netflix on your TV! Streaming movies is easy with a device that you may already own!


If you recently bought a TV or Blu-Ray player, it likely has “Smart features.” If that’s the case, it should be possible to add Netflix to the device directly!


Netflix is available on most modern gaming consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo Wii U).


Even if you don’t have a new TV or game console, you can still watch Netflix.


A super affordable option at $39, this device plugs into any HDMI slot and streams in minutes.


Coming in at the same price, the Amazon Fire Stick is just $39 as well! You can’t go wrong with either option!


Netflix’s selection of Christmas movies this year is fantastic. It’s like not missing cable at all!

There are a few family Christmas movies, too, so you should be able to find something for everyone.

See the fun covers (and some big names, too!) on this list, and you’ll find the perfect Christmas movie to watch immediately!

A Christmas Prince: This Netflix original shows that the streaming service can give Hallmark a run for its money! A fledgling reporter sets out on an assignment to find all the dishes of the royal family. What she didn’t expect to find was true love.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding—This predictable but likely still fun-filled sequel to the 2017 Netflix original “A Christmas Prince” follows the ups and downs of the newly engaged royal couple as they wind their way towards the happy day.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby – The third installment of the Netflix original movie series will focus on the royal couple adding to their family. But not without a twist! A 600-year-old treaty goes missing, threatening the family with an ancient curse.

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish: This is a goofy Christmas twist on a classic story. Our Cinderella is an aspiring singer who works as an elf for the holidays. Filled with the Christmas spirit, despite her vain stepmother and horrid stepsisters, she’s out to find her holiday miracle.

A Princess for Christmas A single aunt living in Buffalo New York is raising her niece and nephew but longs for something more. Their lives change when she and the children are invited to their long-lost grandfather’s castle in Europe. This movie features Outlander’s Sam Heughan.

Christmas Catch: An undercover cop with little luck in love falls for a guy who is the prime suspect in a Christmas heist. But things get a bit complicated when the FBI asks her to investigate the thief up close.

Christmas in the Smokies: When a homegrown hero, turned musician, returns to his small hometown to rekindle an old spark – things may go up in flames. But when his love needs a Christmas miracle, he will do everything possible to make her dreams come true.

Christmas on the Square: A small-town retelling of The Christmas Carol featuring 14 brand-new songs from Dolly Parton, you are not going to want to miss this Netflix original Christmas movie! An ensemble cast lights up the screen in this heart-warming tale as a small town faces mass foreclosures from the town Scrooge.

Christmas with A Prince: A young pediatrician working over the Christmas holidays is confronted with her past when an old college acquaintance shows up with an injury and needs a place to lay low. While he recovers, she is forced to reconsider her feelings for him.

Christmas with A View: When a celebrity chef becomes the new head chef at her job at the local ski resort, Clara takes an instant dislike of him. But she can’t seem to stop running into him everywhere! Will she eventually see how much they have in common?

Holiday Rush: When his popular radio show is canceled just before Christmas, a widowed DJ and his four children must make drastic changes to reorganize their lives.

Holiday in the Wild: Kate is alone in Africa on what was supposed to be a second honeymoon – but her husband decided to end the marriage. Trying to find purpose, she finds much more than she bargained for… including romance. Starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis

Holidate: Fed up with being single during the holiday season, two strangers agree to be each other’s plus-ones… with one big exception… it’s platonic. But when one catches real feelings, can they find a way out of the friend zone? This Netflix original Christmas movie looks like a blast!

Note: Now that Holidate is out and I’ve had a chance to watch it, be aware this is not a family-friendly movie 🙂

Holly Star: Sloan is home for the holidays, and her career as a puppeteer has stalled. But she’s sure there’s buried treasure somewhere under her town – can she find it without losing everything else?

Operation Christmas Drop: Based on an actual Air Force tradition, Operation Christmas Drop is on the radar of a Congresswoman looking to cut the budget. When she sends her aide to check out the situation, romantic tensions arise when the big-hearted pilot shows her around. This rom-com is a Netflix original Christmas movie, sure to please the biggest Hallmark-style Christmas movie fans!

Santa Girl: Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Santa’s daughter makes a deal with her dad for a magical adventure of her own: college. But will she find love as well? Barry Bostwisk stars as Santa.

The Holiday Calendar: A Netflix original featuring 2 “This Is Us” stars is all about the magic of Christmas. Abby is a talented photographer struggling to chase her dreams. When her grandfather gives her an antique advent calendar, magical things happen around her. Will the magic of the calendar lead her to love and more?


The Knight Before Christmas: When an old crone sends Sir Cole forward in time, he must complete his quest by Midnight on Christmas Eve or face never becoming a true knight. But things drastically turn when he meets a high school science teacher who thinks true love doesn’t exist.

The Princess Switch: A down-to-earth baker and a princess swap places at Christmastime. Soon, they discover that they prefer their new lives! Will the magic last? A predictable but fun Christmas rom-com featuring Vanessa Hudgens.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again: Princess Margaret is becoming the Queen in a Christmas coronation, with her double by her side to help along the way. However, will their plans be left in ruins when a third look-alike shows up?

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star: When a priceless Christmas relic is stolen, royal look-alikes Margaret and Stacy turn to audacious doppelgänger Fiona – and her dashing ex – for help.


Make a big batch of your favorite Christmas cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows, then slip into your favorite Christmas pajamas! Then, you’ll be all set for a mega cheesy rom-com binge. Enjoy!

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