The concept of smart home and high energy efficiency is in high demand this year


The smart home is a new concept, but one that is gaining ground year by year. People are increasingly interested in it, because they want to have a home that meets their connectivity needs and energy resource principles. The most important advantage offered by the smart home is the optimization of energy consumption . If all consumption is regulated and waste is almost non-existent, this will contribute, among other things, to the reduction of the energy bill, by up to 40%.

Energy efficiency technologies

People who have bought land also want to have a modern, energy-efficient and comfortable house to live in. The most modern home of the 21st century is definitely the smart home . It is energy efficient, comfortable and safe, environmentally friendly.

Today, people’s goal is to build a house that combines the maximum level of comfort and the minimum costs for its maintenance. In order to have a house the way they wanted, people use the best quality construction and DIY materials and make sure that it has a high tightness to guarantee protection against heat and energy losses .

By using new energy-saving technologies, people can significantly reduce their utility bills. According to experts, almost 2/3 of the energy we use in our homes is for heating it, through gas and electricity. The rest of the energy consumed is divided between hot water, freezer, refrigerator, household appliances, IT devices, air conditioning, lighting and others. By adopting a responsible attitude, we could avoid wasting energy.

There are also a number of energy-saving technologies , which refer to the regulation of lighting, air temperature, heating systems, etc.

2. New gadgets for smart homes

Specialists talk about the emergence of many connected devices in the IoT market of smart homes, which help to save energy . These are related to artificial intelligence (AI) technology that will control energy efficiency in the coming years.

Multifunctional rooms with smart blinds

People will be able to replace regular window blinds with smart blinds , which can help save energy. They offer many advantages, they have light sensors on the outside, they will open automatically in the morning, letting sunlight into the house.

The new blinds will also have external solar panels, allow room light to be controlled, be opened and closed remotely and will therefore be able to block outside heat from entering through the windows to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Modern heating systems

To have more energy-efficient homes, manufacturers recommend wireless water heaters, underfloor heating, smart thermostats and other Smart Home devices.

Modern water heaters are said to help raise and lower the temperature of your home water heater remotely via the Internet. The boiler can be programmed remotely, to start, heat water at a certain time, or to stop, thus reducing energy costs.

 People are also interested in smart thermostats for controlling heating and cooling systems and enabling automation of home heating. These systems are monitored remotely by a modern thermostat, which will provide analysis of energy consumption and reports on the money saved each month. By using them, the way of life will be much easier, and in addition, money will be saved through heating costs.

Configuring the smart lighting system

With the help of a lighting system with sensors, energy can be saved in the house, it is checked whether the lights are turned off even from a distance. This system will turn on or off depending on the presence of people in the room. The system can be configured with motion sensors and a timer. It can also be considered a security system that alerts the presence of someone in the house, in case of theft.

Better security system

Nowadays, people can also use a more effective security system that can warn in real time when someone is trying to break into the house. That way, people will take immediate action, call a security company or the police.

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