How to choose light for a dark interior in your home?


The lighting of the house is an important step in an arrangement, and the way it is integrated into the interior is also done according to the mood of the owner, having a great impact on the mental and visual perception. There are several ways to illuminate a dark interior in the home. As an owner, you probably want to have the rooms in your house perfectly lit, and for the light to add an extra touch of elegance and style to every interior space – in the rooms, hall, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, terrace.

Ambient lighting

This can be easily achieved with sconces , to create, for example, a special atmosphere in the living room. Wall sconces are perfect for getting comfortable side lighting without spending a lot of money.

Spot lighting

If you want central or spot lighting, then you can choose chandeliers or chandeliers .

In recent years, chandeliers have been fashionable, but technology has advanced and energy-saving spotlights have become much more popular . However, chandeliers and chandeliers are still in trend, although they are also associated with the olden days.

In 2023, the range of models of chandeliers and chandeliers is very varied and includes suspended lighting fixtures on long lines, massive chandeliers made of crystals or lamps with interesting lampshades. These lighting products are usually quite large and have bright elements made of good quality materials. All of them are distinguished by an attractive design, they emit light in a way that can give the room the right atmosphere. There are models suitable for any area of ​​the house, even the kitchen and bedroom.

Accent lighting

This can be done with lamps or floor lamps , which are mobile and can be used occasionally. They are practical, perfect for reading and watching TV and do not affect the overall design of the home. Such lighting fixtures are perfect for any room, even for a modern living room.

 If you already have lamps in the house, then you can change their simple lampshades with modern ones, in various shapes and sizes, to refresh the look of any interior. Accent lighting in the house can also be achieved with halogen spotlights .

The cheapest home lighting solutions

The cheapest solutions are LEDs and halogen lights . So, you could forget about traditional light bulbs, which burn out quite quickly and need to be replaced frequently. If you want to save money, on the energy bill, then it is worth choosing lighting with halogen lamps. These bulbs are advantageous, they save 20-60% of energy. You can choose, for example, a ceiling light with spotlights for certain areas of the house – kitchen or hall.

You can also use lighting fixtures in cabinets, especially if you opt for practical solutions that also take up little space. Many people use spotlights in the house, in the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms and living room.

If you choose LED lamps , then you will notice a difference in energy bills, compared to those high bills when you used traditional bulbs. LEDs are said to be durable and energy efficient. If in the case of traditional light bulbs part of the energy is transformed into heat, with LED lamps we can talk about economy, as they are also ecological.

The most effective solution for lighting a dark interior, currently, is the one with LED strip profiles , which improves the design aspect of any room in the home. These LED strip profiles are also suitable for hotels, cafes and restaurants.

 It is also worth mentioning fluorescent lighting which, although less popular in 2023 compared to halogen lamps and LEDs, still has a number of advantages and is suitable for a basement speaker or garage. For example, fluorescent lamps do not heat up; in them all the energy is used for the purpose of emitting light. These lamps are durable over time, ecological, do not contain mercury.

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