Everything you need to know to have a dream bed


After a tiring day, there’s nothing like coming home and being enchanted with the coziness that only a made-up bed provides. In addition to transmitting a complete feeling of comfort and well-being, it integrates the decoration of your environment with great elegance. 

However, anyone who thinks that only hotels and magazine cover photos can have a perfect bed, rich in detail and sophistication, is wrong. The truth is, what makes the difference when assembling yours is the correct choice of pieces and layers of your bedding . 

If you feel like having one to call your own, but don’t know where to start, check out this complete guide that we’ve prepared. You will be delighted with the decorative and cozy possibilities for your room! 

Define which items to use in your bed set

There’s nothing better than a comfy bed with all the right pieces to make it look like a magazine cover. So, first, choose everything you’d like to put on it, including the important details, such as colors and fabric finishes. 

Ideally, the composition always starts with the bed sheets : the bottom one, usually accompanied by an elastic band, and the top one, in straight stitching or with details such as embroidery and lace. Then, in the case of the double piece of furniture, comes the two pillowcases or pillowcases, for example.

If you don’t like the fabric with elastic, a second alternative is to wrap your mattress with the top sheet. With the right folding, positioning the sides under the mattress, you can make it firm enough to last long nights of sleep. 

Invest in layers to elevate coziness

After that, it’s time to assemble your perfect bed, in the order shown below. Having some options available in your trousseau to create layers is important. After all, they give an extremely sophisticated and cozy look to your room! 

First, place the fitted sheet on your mattress. Then, place the top sheet inside out (here, the pattern should be facing down). Finally, leave one of your quilts on top of the textile. 

If you prefer, wrap the layers of your bed after the quilt . However, if you prefer a piece of furniture with a softer appearance, add the duvet over the other pieces. 

The final trick is to fold the ends of these layers. Start at the head. You need to pull them down so that approximately 1⁄3 of the furniture is showing. In that piece that “remains”, the elastic sheet will be visible. 

Use pillows for comfort and warmth

When your bed layers are ready, you can finish with the pillows laid flat. Ideally, you need to consider a support pillow and a sleeping pillow for each person. 

Use the pillowcases and pillowcases corresponding to the sheet set and quilt kit chosen to assemble your bed. In order not to go wrong with the combination, always select complementary or analogous colors from the chromatic circle. 

Use pillows and blankets to decorate and finish

After completing the previous step, it’s time to invest in items to complement the decor of your set bed. So bet on pillows in tones that match the environment. 

They can be arranged in front of two pillows. However, they must be smaller in size so as not to harm the visual aesthetics and hide what is located behind.

The blankets should be folded in two parts and stretched horizontally at the foot of your bed. You can place them end to end, use them diagonally on one side of the furniture or fold them in half and position them halfway up your furniture (so that the finish on the quilt or comforter remains over). 

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