Bathroom decoration: get inspired and renew the environment


Nothing like a cozy home to warm the heart and improve family well-being. Anyone who thinks that the bathroom decor does not need to be in line with the rest of the house is wrong!

In addition to imprinting the personality of the residents, a well-decorated bathroom makes the room convey new sensations in your routine. This guarantees an even more relaxing bath full of well-being.

That’s why we’ve selected some special tips for you to transform your bathroom decor. This is the time to upgrade this space! Check out our suggestions.

How to decorate a small bathroom?

Regardless of the size of the space, it is possible to invest in a charming bathroom model project , whether adding some decorative objects or completely renovating it.

If you choose the first option for decorating a small bathroom , know that the main secret is to choose items that add comfort and identity, making the environment more welcoming.

If you choose to renovate, choose coatings that simulate wood or have warmer tones, as this improves the feeling of warmth. Lighter colors make the environment colder, however, create the impression of spaciousness.

Another tip for decorating a small bathroom is to invest in functional elements, such as a box that optimizes space, niches attached to the wall and a cabinet next to the sink.

Decorating a large bathroom

If your space is large, bet on a project that does not fill the room completely. Also take the opportunity to choose dark countertops and coatings, ensuring a modern bathroom decor .

Remember to leave a central area free for circulation. Also, place a rug in the center to complement the bathroom decor. Finish with potted plants, organizing boxes and small sculptures in the corners. Among the main species of plants for the bathroom are: aloe, Saint George’s sword and zamioculcas. If you prefer to add more flowers to the environment, bet on violets, peace lilies, bromeliads and orchids.

Details that make the difference

Among the many tips for decorating a simple or sophisticated bathroom, there is one main one: don’t forget to add small decorative details to make this room look like you.

Candles, straw trays with the personal hygiene items you use the most, comfortable towels and beautiful textiles for the floor bring much more charm and beauty to your bathroom   decor .

These bathroom decor objects are easy to find and can be easily modified to suit your personal taste. If you want to guarantee an extra charm for the environment, invest in articles that match the colors of your bath towels.

Invest in quality textiles in bathroom decor

After so many bathroom decorating ideas , you can’t forget the main thing: your towels. Therefore, when choosing your pieces, pay attention to some details, such as the type and feel of the fabric. Colors are also important to match the space.

When choosing, pay attention, in particular, to the fiber of the items. The cotton pieces are durable and have great absorption. Worsted yarns have the longest fibers, providing high durability, resistance and excellent absorption.

If you want to add style to these items, prefer the options with a jacquard finish, which have patterns and drawings with high relief, inserted under the pieces, when the towels are embroidered or produced with this technique. This transmits harmony and delicacy to your bathroom.

Do not forget to check the grammage of the textile article. The number represents the amount of cotton per square meter. The smaller it is, the lighter the piece will be. That is, a towel with a greater weight is heavier and fluffier.

Extra tip: step by step for a relaxing bath

After learning how to decorate the bathroom , how about investing in a relaxing bath? First, prepare the environment with candles and scents. Then, leave the water at the ideal temperature to create a more intimate atmosphere. If you want, complete this moment with one of your favorite playlists.

At bath time, use special products, such as a good exfoliant, a scented soap and a body oil, to make this moment even more pleasant and relaxing.

While taking a shower, take the opportunity to moisturize and perfect your skincare routine . At that moment, the most important thing is to relax and disconnect from the world a little.

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