50 Fun Christmas Activities

Xmas can go by fast; before we know it, we haven’t made time for 50 fun Christmas activities for families. Creating an xmas bucket list is a great way to ensure you enjoy the season. You can make many other fun xmas printables to help with other xmas activities for kids, too. Please have a wonderful and Merry Christmas thinking about it.

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There are many fun Christmas activities, but we often don’t make time for them. We think, “Oh, I’d like to do (blank) this Christmas,” but we don’t make it happen.

This is one of the main reasons I like to plan for the holiday. Despite my desire to do many fun things, the less fun things keep getting in my way. The more time I have for xmas fun, the better!

I like to create a xmas bucket list and stick it in my Christmas planner or on the fridge. It’s a great way to connect and start thinking about the season. It’s something you can do with the whole family. 

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We don’t always do all of them, but having the list helps us try to fit in what we can. We don’t want to cram in so much that we don’t enjoy it, but we also want to celebrate xmas as much as possible.

You can make your own bucket list, or if you get my Christmas Planner, a Christmas bucket list is included and ready for you to fill out.

Read this list and decide which things you want to try this year. You never know; some of these activities may become seasonal traditions.


  1. Make a gingerbread house. (Don’t have time to bake? Try this no-bake Gingerbread house)
  2. Visit an xmas market.
  3. Go caroling.
  4. Go on an xmas light scavenger hunt.
  5. Read an xmas book.
  6. Watch an xmas movie with a fun-themed treat.
  7. Start an advent calendar.
  8. Make some homemade holiday gifts for your friends.
  9. Send out xmas cards.
  10. Make a homemade xmas ornament.
  11. Make peppermint bath bombs.
  12. Make holiday gifts for your neighbors.
  13. Buy a new Christmas ornament.
  14. Make homemade dog treats for all of the dogs in your life.
  15. Buy new xmas pajamas.
  16. Decorate a Christmas tree.
  17. Have a cookie exchange party.
  18. Have an xmas-themed breakfast.
  19. Play a holiday board game.
  20. Create a holiday music playlist.

50 fun Christmas Activities to do

  1. Make some hot chocolate from scratch.
  2. Build a snowman.
  3. Have an ugly sweater party.
  4. Do some random acts of kindness.
  5. Start a new holiday tradition.
  6. Make a Christmas Yule log.
  7. Make and enjoy a holiday cocktail. (or throw a holiday cocktail party)
  8. Take a family xmas photo.
  9. Make some paper snowflakes.

More Fun

  1. Host a white elephant party.
  2. Start a holiday tradition that’s just for you.
  3. Go on a fun weekend trip.
  4. Write a letter to Santa.
  5. Organize a Secret Santa.
  6. Go see the Nutcracker.
  7. Visit a xmas tree lighting ceremony.
  8. Have a slumber party under the tree.
  9. Make a xmas scrapbook.
  10. Go ice skating.
  11. Host a White Elephant party.
  12. Make a xmas wreath.
  13. Watch Home Alone 2 with a cheese pizza.
  14. Make popcorn garland.
  15. Watch a cheesy Christmas movie.
  16. Make a snow globe.
  17. Enjoy a hot drink by a fireplace.
  18. Learn about another country’s xmas traditions and try one.
  19. Donate a toy to a toy drive.
  20. Visit Santa Claus.


Christmas Activities 2

This is a great list to print off and add to your Christmas planner so you can use it to fill out your xmas bucket list. Keep it with your xmas planner and use it year after year.

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