10 Tips for your Christmas shopping

Check out the Christmas shopping tips we brought you to save on your purchases:

Christmas shopping

10 Christmas shopping tips

1. Analyze your budget

First, check which bills you already have to pay on your credit card and which expenses tend to appear at the beginning of the year.

Those with children, for example, need to buy school supplies in the first few months. Expenses such as vehicle IPVA, car insurance, property IPTU, and other taxes still often arise. Knowing your finances before purchasing is essential so as not to “put your feet in your hands.”

By analyzing all these factors, you’ll better understand ​​how much you can spend on Christmas shopping without going into debt. 

2. Define how much you will spend on Christmas shopping

Keep an eye on our Christmas tips and learn how to save!

Now that you have an idea of ​​your available budget, it is time to decide how much you can spend on gifts.

One way to define this is to assess your monthly income, look at the expenses at the beginning of the year, and stipulate a percentage of how much you can invest. Some people determine that they can only spend 30% of their income, which is already considerable. For example, whoever receives R$1,000.00 will already have R$300.00 available for Christmas shopping.

Attention: don’t think about using your entire  13th salary for gifts. After all, you have other expenses throughout the year, and that money could be helpful upfront. So, separate a part to make your emergency reserve or investment for the future.

3. Make a list

Identify which people you want to gift. It’s common to want to please everyone, but that’s not always possible. So, keep your feet on the ground when planning your Christmas shopping.

Please list the names by priority and divide the total money available for purchasing gifts by the number of people. Ready!

You will already have a clear idea of ​​how much you can spend on each item. If the value gets too low, it’s time to cut some names or understand that you won’t be able to give everyone gifts of the same value.

4. Don’t leave everything to the last minute

The last week before Christmas tends to be very busy for everyone, which can be a real pitfall for those who want to save money. So do your shopping in advance and in an organized way.

This will enable better choices in your Christmas shopping, calmness during option analysis, and easier negotiation with the seller.

5. Take advantage of promotions

Be aware of offers that appear on the internet or in physical stores. Evaluate carefully to determine if the value has been reduced or if it is an attempt to deceive the consumer. The more you can take advantage of promotions, the greater the opportunities to give good gifts at an affordable price.

6. Research a lot

To organize yourself financially, make a Christmas shopping list and do a lot of research.

Once again, the internet can be your ally when shopping for Christmas. Do a lot of research online for the products you want to buy and write down the prices. Then, you can go to physical stores and compare offers.

Another option is to access the store’s website during the search within physical establishments and use online prices to negotiate reductions with the seller.

7. Bet on experiences

Do you want to present an unforgettable memory but have no idea what to give your parents or friends? Take the opportunity to invest in experiences instead of objects!

Often, scheduling a tour in a different place can be more affordable to surprise the recipients. How about a picnic in a park, a trip to the nearest beach or a lake in your area? Use creativity to provide unique experiences for the people you love!

8. Give gifts made by you

Creating your gifts is also an option to save on Christmas shopping. Imagine you have a child to give as a gift and an old toy stored in your room. Why not reuse this item? A doll, for example, can be given a different outfit or a hair accessory and become a great game.

If you know how to sew, for example, you can make clothes or decorative items to give as gifts to family members. That way, you only spend money on the fabric and threads and get a personalized item.

9. Ask for discounts

Don’t be shy about negotiating prices! Sellers also need to hit sales targets and lower the values slightly little.

So research, choose the items you want for your Christmas shopping, and talk to the seller. Often, he manages to give a special discount for those who pay in cash, for example.

10. Avoid installments

Try to do your Christmas shopping, paying in cash and, if possible, in cash. This will help you avoid credit card installments at the beginning of the year and can also be an excellent option for negotiating more attractive prices.

Remember that a law already authorizes different prices for cards and cash. So, take advantage of this opportunity to go shopping this Christmas. Thus, you will also have a limit on the card in case emergencies arise during the year.

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